Spreading Love Club


Words by Kaiko Kassab

Technology has a way of making us feel isolated, in a world more 'connected' than we've ever been - why do you think that is? It is not the technology itself. It's how it's being used.  Spreading Love Club is all about helping others spread more love into the world, one kind gesture at a time.

1. Why and how did you start your company?

With all of the heightened negativity we are surrounded by lately, I was feeling at a bit of a loss as to how to handle myself. As a working mom, wife, and daughter, I was being pulled in all directions feeling at times that I was running out of air. I kept wondering - what can I do? What can one little person do to make a difference and bring more light back into the world?

The 'THINK BIG' mentality is a great starter but overshadows where the real work should start and that is with the little acts of kindness. Small acts transform the world! That is what the Spreading Love Club is about. An easy way to spread love back into the world without over-thinking or seeped in negative pressure – just a tool to help you be a good friend. A skill set that is often overlooked and underappreciated.


2. What is your main mission?

To cultivate compassion and kindness.

It makes you feel good to do something special for someone else - why not start with your circle and help the light shine brighter there - first!

One of my favorite quotes is from Paulo Coelho from the book The Alchemist. "When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

I want to assemble a group of women who feel the same.
By habitually performing small acts of kindness, we can bring about great acts of love - together.

3. How do you hope your brand affects women’s lives?

To remove the overwhelm and guilt of not ‘doing enough’ or not ‘doing your part’ to make the entire world better. There is enough negative pressure in the world as it is, beating yourself up because you are not involved enough or are too overwhelmed to know what to do is not doing any one any good – so stop it! My wish for this company is that the Spreading Love Club will help to re-frame that pressure and turn it into ‘ease’, giving women permission to be supportive to those closest - first. If just being a thoughtful friend is all you can do right now – that is not only enough, it is vital. It really is. You never know what a kind gesture can mean to someone at any particular moment. Your thoughtfulness might make all the difference in the world to that one person and by helping them you ARE helping the world be a better place.

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