Summer Break


A couple of months ago I started to notice in myself and Jess and Mia that we were TIRED. We still loved what we were doing with Holl & Lane, but we were getting overwhelmed and just weren’t as excited each day as we usually were. I knew on my end that the feeling was starting to feel like burnout, something I’ve experienced more than once since becoming a business owner.

In the magazine world, things don’t stop. We’re always working one to two issues ahead and so there is always, ALWAYS, something to do. Add in social media, newsletters, and the boring admin tasks and in the last 4 years, it doesn’t feel like we’ve ever gotten much of a break.

So, we’re going to take one now. Summers are always a bit slower for us anyway because so many of you are off enjoying your families, so we thought we would do the same! Today will be our last day posting on the blog until late August, and you’ll find us just sporadically on social media when we feel like we have something important to say.

And then we’ll come back with full steam in late August with our brand new Community issue AND A BRAND NEW NAME!!! That’s right, we’re finally rebranding. And I cannot wait to share the new name with you. Here’s a hint: it starts with a K and reminds me of community. Any guesses?

So this is me, Mia, and Jess signing off - we’ll see you in a couple months!

Editor in Chief

Ps… Mia and I will still be hanging out over in our Illuminate community. Join us!