Organic. Natural. Modern.

Words & Images by Elizabeth Burns

Organic. Natural. Modern. When I moved from New England to California, my inspiration from the rugged mountains and the ever changing Pacific Ocean really came down to those three words. With my new temperate climate, I was thrilled to accept the challenge of merging outdoors with the indoors of our Santa Barbara home. Wherever you live, embracing the elements of nature is sure to beautify any home.

Our home is very bright with lots of floor to ceiling glass windows and doors. The primary color is white, so I love to use fresh flowers, olive branches, large tropical leaves and trees to add color to our abode. Tillandsias (air plants) pocket the nooks and crannies throughout the house. Sun smoothed beach rocks are stacked on the mantel of our rarely used indoor fireplace. Rarely used if you don't count the candlelit driftwood candelabra that harkens back to the sea. Spectacular colored sea glass, gathered from long coastal walks, grace the center of the dining table in a huge flat bowl.

I also use different woods generously to warm up our modern home. The centerpiece is a large farmhouse table that is made all the more natural by the patina of use it has accrued from dinners and crafting! One of my favorite pieces is a wooden elephant side table on whose back rests a graphic striped vase that always contains some manner of garden leaves or branches sprouting from it. A large driftwood branch found on a trip to Big Sur, leans against the fireplace. The wide planked oak floors running throughout the house, further lend a coastal vibe.

All of these elements combine to create my California style…organic, natural, modern.

After relocating from Westport, Connecticut to Santa Barbara, interior stylist Elizabeth Burns was immediately inspired by the more relaxed lifestyle that California offered. This inspiration led to the creation of edb designs. With a passion for interiors that emphasize comfort and function, she recognizes that a home has to have a soul and embody the personality of its owner. Elizabeth is dedicated to creating spaces that are comfortable, unique, and organic, which is embodied in The Little Glass House.