Our Brand New Name + Brand New Issue


It is finally here. The day that we get to reveal our brand new name to you.

I started Holl & Lane Magazine in 2015 as a sort of creative side hobby. I had a full-time job, a new baby, and no intention to start an actual business. But fast forward to 2018 when I had my second baby and started to realize that this creative side hobby of mine had turned into an actual business.

I had struggled with the name when I started the magazine, but I didn’t put a lot of thought into it because it was never going to be a business, right? Well, this not-a-business has morphed into something I never saw coming. I never imagined it would become my full-time job, that we would have a community of women from (literally) all parts of the world, that we’d ship magazines to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, that we would be fortunate enough to tell the stories of over a thousand women.

I truly never saw any of it coming.


Late last year I made the decision that some things needed to change within the business in order to stay afloat. I have talked about this previously, but running a print magazine is INCREDIBLY expensive. 95% of independent magazines never make a profit (including us) and I was starting to dip into my savings - something I said I’d never do.

So I made the decision to pull the plug on the print aspect and refocus our efforts on our digital magazine and our free online content. With that came the overwhelming feeling that it was time to rebrand and move the name to something that felt more “us”.

And that is where Kindred came from. The definition of Kindred is simply, “similar in kind.” And that is something that we preach here - we all have stories and journey’s that we’re facing. And through that, we’re all similar. Our journey may not look exactly like someone else’s but at the end of the day, we’re all facing life together.


So today we get to unveil not only the new name, but also our new issue and new ways to get involved!

First, The Community Issue is now available. It’s our first digital only issue (since we first started) and it’s our first volume of Kindred! You can click here to shop the issue now.

Second, we’ve relaunched our Patreon account. We don’t run on advertising dollars. And because of that, we need YOUR help to stay afloat. For as low as $1 per month (seriously!) you can become a Patron and help us continue to share the stories you’ve come to love from us. Not to mention, there are all kinds of extra goodies you can earn each month from us that are strictly for our Patrons. Click here to see more.

Thank you so, so much for being along on this ride with us. Whether you’re brand new, or you’ve been here since day one, we are grateful for every single one of you.

We can’t wait to share more.

Love, Sarah (+ the Kindred team)

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