Capturing Joy in Photographs

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Ashley Sara Photography

When you're scrolling through your Instagram feed, do you ever see photos that are overly posed and styled? Don't they sometimes lack that feeling of authenticity? Ashley Munson of Ashley Sara Photography says, "I like to describe my work as real, raw and authentic. I don’t like to pose my clients when I photograph them. I prefer to document them, instead."

She aims to capture the joy in people's lives. Whether she's shooting a portrait or family session or a wedding, she loves snapping the candid moments that people share together. Not only that, but Ashley wants to show her clients the beauty within their lives. She says, "I want them to fall more in love with themselves, with their families and their partners because the world could use all the love it can get." 

Ashley also wants to remind women of all their positive qualities and to exude confidence. She says, "Women are strong, creative, smart and sexy but a lot of the times we lose sight in the many great qualities about ourselves. I want to share my images and women think 'Wow, I'm a hell of a catch!' I want to eliminate as much self-doubt as I can."

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Ashley Munson started her business with the intentions of clients leaving their session full of love, laughter, and smiles. Whether it's a beautiful woman in front of her lens, or a couple in love, her goal is to bring you comfort throughout a fun-filled day!

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