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How Studying Abroad Inspires a Soul

Have you ever looked at pictures of a place or heard someone talk about their most recent destination and thought, "Wow, I just really want to go!"? I was sitting in an English literature class and the professor had two students come in to talk about their recent creative writing and hiking study abroad in the south of England, and I had one of those moments.

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6 Tips to Settle Into a New City

Moving is never easy. Moving cities or continents is even harder. As someone who grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, London was a whole new ball game. I remember standing on the pavement watching the people pouring in and out of the station, like the life veins of the city, jostling and striding and all with somewhere to be and someone to see.

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My Father's Daughter

Prior to moving to Italy, I would not have described myself as adventure seeking. A high achieving rule follower with a desire to please was more my gig. Until it wasn’t. When my hard work went unacknowledged or my love unreturned, my mind, heart, and body grew restless. I broke every rule in the name of love, making irreparable mistakes at the expense of others.

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The Forest: A Place of Knowing

Stepping onto the path, breathing deep, and feeling the rush of soil, green, and bark. Nature is our greatest teacher. Personally, I find myself connecting with Nature on a deeper level each time I enter a forest, more than any other ecosystem. I grew up traipsing through the forests of Western Pennsylvania, surrounded by oaks and hemlocks. Since then, I found myself living in different parts of the country. Each time, I find a forest.

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