Issue 5 : Holl & Lane Magazine

We are overjoyed to start the New Year with a bang and introduce you to the 5th issue of Holl & Lane. This one is 116 pages full of stories that will have you smiling, crying and cheering. We gave you a peek into 4 feature stories this week and now we're ready to share it all with you.

In this issue we're also introducing a couple of new series to you, the first being the H&L Girl that you'll find at the beginning of each issue. We're so inspired by all women from all walks of life and we wanted to recognize just one with each issue. The H&L girl is creative, smart, capable and strong. She is honest and humble and appreciative. She is kind and powerful and wants to help others see the beauty in their lives.

The second new series is a student spotlight in which we feature stories from students around the world. Their willingness to share and open their hearts to let us all in is humbling and beautiful and we're so excited to spotlight these talented writers.

So now it's your turn to dive in. Start your New Year off with something inspiring and powerful and pick up Holl & Lane, Issue 5.

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