Issue 6 : Holl & Lane Magazine

Dear friends,

We are so excited to present to you Holl & Lane, Issue 6!  Every single issue that we produce is a labor of love and this one is no different.  The stories shared are both heartbreaking and inspiring, tragic and triumphant.  And we know that you're going to love them.  In this issue, find stories on spring trends, yoga moves for beginners, beautiful recipes that you'll want to make TONIGHT, a woman who quit her job to follow her passion (spoiler alert: it's working out REALLY well), divorce at the age of 30, domestic violence, miscarriage, great U.S. travel sites and SO much more.

An excerpt from the Editor's Note:

Passion is at the very heart of what we try to accomplish at Holl & Lane. Passion in telling your stories, passion in trying to change the conversation, passion to inspire you. And it is with passion that we began this journey that has been wrought with tears, frustrations and heartache. It’s with passion that we celebrate each issue and the excitement that comes from a reader telling us how much a story meant to her. Each moment spent working on H&L is filled with passion. We all work tirelessly on this project as volunteers, with no compensation for the hours upon hours that go into this brand and that is because of our passion for this project. We know we’re making a difference, we know we’re starting a conversation, and we know that you need this as much as we do.

So please celebrate with us our newest passion- Issue 6, available in our shop.  We  hope you love it like we do.

Sarah Hartley, Editor in Chief

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