Expressing Your Emotions Honestly

Print Therapy, a stationery company that marries hand-painted watercolor designs with emotionally honest and heartfelt sentiments.

When a friend is struggling, have you ever not known what to say? Does your mind run through all the usual platitudes that come up short and don't dive into the heart of the matter? What if there was a stationery company that could help you share your meaningful words and emotions and let your loved ones know that they aren't alone? 

Enter Print Therapy, created by Melissa Wert, that allows you to do exactly that. Melissa started Print Therapy as a creative outlet, but it really evolved into what it is today after she suffered postpartum depression after the birth of her son. "It became heartachingly clear to me that people didn't know what to say in the hard moments in life, and while I don't always have the answer, I knew what I had been through in my 34 years of life gave me a good start of at least trying to find those words," she says. 

Most of us will stop at the grocery store and pick up a greeting card to send during happy and also difficult times, but they often don't capture everything we really want to say. Melissa says, "I think so often commercial cards just skim the surface of what we really feel. They often say what you say when you’re not sure what to say, or when you’re scared to say what you need to say. And I don’t think that’s enough."


Print Therapy cards help you to say how you feel, and open the door for you to expound on your own emotions. We all need these heartfelt cards in our lives. Pick up a few today to send to your loved ones and let them know that they aren't alone.



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When it comes to the challenging moments in life, Melissa Wert believes you should always be able to get to the heart of the matter, without losing the heart of the matter. She is the founder of Print Therapy, a stationery company that marries hand-painted watercolor designs with emotionally honest and heartfelt sentiments. She is happiest hanging at home trying to elicit giggles and dance moves from her sweet boy.

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