Holl & Lane Magazine is Closing


Dear Reader,

After a year of thinking, questioning, debating, I have decided that it’s time for Holl & Lane Magazine to close … sort of.  You see, the actual physical magazine is going away (more details below), but the brand, the community, the stories, those are still very much sticking around.

I’ve talked about this countless times before, but running a print magazine is exceptionally challenging, most of all because of the financial burden.  Throughout the past 3.5 years of running Holl & Lane Magazine, I’ve talked with many other indie magazine publishers and I would venture to say 90% of them are not making any sort of profit - nearly everyone I know has some other sort of business that enables them to keep going.

For me, it is just not financially smart to keep running the magazine.  I am not able to cover the costs of the magazine and I always promised myself that if the magazine couldn’t sustain itself, I wouldn’t keep going.  That is where we are at now. And to be honest, the stress of the financial situation has taken a serious toll on my mental health over the past year.  It began with me wondering if I was doing something wrong and has slowly transitioned into losing my passion for what we’re doing, which is the very last thing I wanted.

When I stopped to examine the way I was feeling, it wasn’t that I wasn’t passionate about our storytelling, it’s that I wasn’t passionate about the WAY we were putting the stories out - and it all came back to the financial stress.  I don’t want to lose what we have built, the way we have changed women’s lives through sharing incredibly brave, powerful stories. When I finally said out loud to my incredibly supportive husband that I wanted to stop doing the magazine, it was the first time I felt my shoulders start to fall away from their permanent position around my ears, and when I finally was able to take a deep breath.

So, what does all of this look like?

Well, it is our hope to continue out the rest of the year with the magazine - that would mean 3 more issues coming out this year just as they always have.  But, I have made a promise to myself and my family that I would not put us into more debt, that I wouldn’t put more issues onto my own personal credit card - so we will need YOUR help.  We will be looking for small businesses that we know and love to support our magazine while promoting their own incredible business in each issue, and we’ll be asking for your help in the form of a donation (even $5 goes so much farther than you may realize).  We want to keep our promise to our subscribers, and we want to give Holl & Lane Magazine a proper send off at the end of this year.

What can you look forward to in the future from us?  Exactly what you get now - honest, powerful stories from women around the world.  We have touched lives both domestically and as far away as New Zealand and we have no intentions of stopping now.  But instead of in magazine form, you’ll find more and more stories on our blog. I never intended Holl & Lane to be a business, I just wanted to share beautiful stories - and that is what I want to continue to do.  Sharing stories through the blog will give more women access to them when they really need them, because it will be free. Our Social Media Manager, Jess, summed it up perfectly - “if our readers can’t afford these stories, then we’re really doing them a disservice.”

I know that there are so many of you out there who are disappointed by this news.  Please know that the three of us on the H&L team, myself, Mia, and Jess, feel exactly the same way.  We love holding these stories in our hands and we love getting to be a platform publishing YOUR stories.  But at the same time, we want to be able to CONTINUE doing that, and the only way is to make a financially sound decision, which is where we’re at.

We feel so strongly about what we’ve built since June of 2015.  We’re proud of the community and the strength of women who have come together through it.  You have all made this such an incredible passion project of mine and have truly allowed me to find what I was meant to do in this world.  For that, thank you will never be enough. I hope you will continue to check in with us weekly, to continue sharing our posts, and to continue sharing YOUR words with us.  Our readers are some of the most loyal I’ve ever found and the support you’ve shown Holl & Lane in general, and me specifically has been something I never expected.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Sarah Hartley
Creator & Editor in Chief

Ps… If you’re a small business who wants to be a part of our remaining issues, please email me at editor@hollandlanemag.com