Issue 19 : The Redemption Issue

We, as women, can overcome and become better, even after hardships. Read our REDEMPTION issue today, featuring cover model Natalie Franke from Rising Tide Society:

When I think of the word redemption, I think of those powerful tales that we’ve all heard - the single mom living in her car for years on end who creates her own business and becomes a millionaire, ending her poverty and providing a better life for her children. The bullied kid at school becoming a mega movie star. The victim becoming the survivor. Stories of a person being redeemed. A shift in life after great emotional turmoil.

We love these stories. They show that life is always changing and moving. That where you are now isn’t necessarily where you will end up.

That is what we wanted to focus on in this issue: the way that we, as women, can overcome and become better, even after hardships.

This issue covers stories of abuse, sacrifice, self-harm, strength, and a general willingness to survive. The words on the following pages show just how strong we are as women, even when the odds are stacked against us.

And on the last page, we have something new for you. We want you to not only absorb the words on these pages, but we want you to create your own. Our last page journal prompts will help you start to think about your own redemption, about the life you have created and the life you desire. Feel free to tear out the last page and write your thoughts down, get them on paper. You never know where your words might lead.

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Until next time,

Sarah Hartley
Editor in Chief