Old Oak: A Poem on Strength

Old Oak: a poem on strength. Read more at Holl & Lane Magazine at www.hollandlanemag.com/blog

Words and image by Jessa Gibboney

A trail beckons, opens its arms and calmly welcomes.
Rocks jump and crack with each step,
Moving slightly to preserve her memory.
A never ending tunnel ahead,
Shrinking space provoking curiosity and wonder.

A great deal can be learned from palms and pines,
But the most from the old oak.
Brown bases adorned with dripping jewels,
Covering on all sides protecting, but not smothering.
Gentle beasts, their silent courage steady.

Their secret strength beneath the surface, 
Rooted by their fingertips acceptance of the ever-changing wind.
Branches twist and turn showing their journey,
Forever reaching towards the sky, 
Thus never touching the ground.

Within its shade, she breathes deeply
Admiring the test of time the old oak passed.
Her hair mimicking the moss, delicately swaying.
Her mind is clear as the air, her limbs light as the wind,
Her spirit made anew.

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About the Author:

Jessa Gibboney is a freelance writer and creator of Wavy Alabaster, a open journal and lifestyle blog. She currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Ben and her pup, Opal. 


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We can learn so much about strength from the old oak tree as it relates to life. Click to read more at hollandlanemag.com
A great deal can be learned from palms and pines, / But the most from the old oak. A poem on strength. Read more at hollandlanemag.com #poetry #strength #resilience
Lessons on strength from an old oak tree. Read more at hollandlanemag.com