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7 Writing Prompts About Courage to Help You Uncover Your Story

We all have a story inside of us about the courage we've shown in the face of fear, adversity, health issues, relationship/family/career worries, and other life struggles. Since we're obviously huge fans of women sharing their stories through writing, we'd love to share these 7 writing prompts with you to explore how courage has impacted your life.

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9 Beautiful Journals to Share Your Story

Here at Holl & Lane, we truly believe in the power of story. Whether you share your story with the world, or you keep it private, writing your own story, the pieces of it, the moments, is such a valuable tool. Something else we believe in? Writing your story in a beautiful keepsake - something you’ll want to pull out time and time again. We’ve rounded up 9 beautiful journals just begging to hold your life within their pages.

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