The Sisterhood Collective: Finding Happiness

The Sisterhood Collective: Empowering women to find happiness. 

All women deserve to be happy, right? Not just on the surface, not just to please others. But to find what truly lights us up. Murielle Marie believes the path to happiness is through self-love, freedom, confidence, big goals, and personal development. That's the reason she created The Sisterhood Collective, to empower women and help guide their efforts to create a happier and richer life for themselves.

One of the biggest obstacles to happiness is what Murielle calls "The People Pleaser Syndrome." People pleasing affects women's lives personally and professionally. "You can see it clearly in the way they don't price their products and services to reflect the real value of the solution that they deliver. You can observe this when they're staying in relationships they've outgrown, and keep everyone if their family happy at the cost of their own happiness and fulfillment. It's like a people-pleasing pandemic that affects only women," Murielle says. 

The Sisterhood Collective helps to combat this syndrome through its online platform and global women's network that combines online courses, meetups, networking opportunities, coaching sessions, and support groups for women who want more in life and business. 


The benefits of joining The Sisterhood Collective are: 

  • Learning modules that help to change your life little by little
  • Tools to help you move closer to your dream lifestyle
  • Opportunities to connect and build strong, mutually beneficial friendships with other extraordinary women
  • Flexibility to choose weekly or bi-monthly private, 1-on-1 coaching, focusing on your personal or professional life, OR 90-minute power sessions, for those who need quick and laser-focused guidance in a particular moment

The power of sisterhood is something women have been missing for way too long, and Murielle wants to bring it back and use it as the driving force for women to discover what makes them happy and go for it. 




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Murielle Marie is a life and business coach, a soulful entrepreneur, an activist, writer, speaker, and the founder of The Sisterhood Collective, an online women empowerment platform & global network for women. She's a multi-passionate, action-focused woman who made it her mission to help others figure out what they want and teach them how to live courageous, free, and joyful lives, both via coaching and through The Sisterhood Collective. Murielle's work helped women from all around the world overcome their fears, and feelings of not being good enough or being overwhelmed, so they could finally go after their most ambitious life and career goals.

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