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I Was a Surrogate

I always assumed that all little girls wanted to be mommies when they grew up, that they had names picked out for their future children and a happy picture of what life would be like as a mommy. Unfortunately, not all women grow up being able to physically have children of their own.

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5 Steps to Forgiveness

This isn't about what happened. It's not about why my friends betrayed me or who encouraged people I'd known for years to stop speaking to me. It's not about the people who still believe that everything they did was right, and that I am some kind of delusional person who is telling stories. It's not about any of them.

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Can I Join Your Club?

I was living in a town that was fairly new to me and my closest friends were scattered all across the country. Because “tribe” is not something you can add to a baby registry, there would be no random food deliveries or demanded showers. I was still on the outside looking into motherhood and I didn’t get it, but I knew I didn’t get it. And I was worried.

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