How to Get Published in a Magazine | eBook

How to Get Published in a Magazine | eBook


Close your eyes for a minute. It's OK, nobody's watching. Now, picture a woman sitting in a comfy chair. She's sitting by the window and the sunlight streams in, giving the room a happy glow. She is holding a magazine and has a knowing smile on her face. She slowly flips through the pages, stopping every so often to read and savor and admire. 

Then, she stops.

You hear her intake of breath in a delighted gasp. She presses one hand to her heart and the other lovingly traces the words on the page. Her eyes fill with tears - of joy, of accomplishment, of sweet cathartic relief. She hugs the magazine to her chest and she laughs and cries - the unique combination that women save for those truly special moments.  

Now, open your eyes. 

That woman is you. Those words are yours. Let's make it happen. 

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I have been wanting to write for magazines for a long time, but I had no idea where to start. What are magazine editors looking for? How did I find out what I should be writing about? What would help my pitch be considered over those of other writers? I think I've read this e-Book about three or four times already, each time taking note of another helpful tip or trick to help get my work out there. Not only do I feel educated, but I feel empowered, too. I know what to do, and am now confident enough to do it! - Melissa Wert

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