How to Get Your Photos Published in a Magazine | eBook

How to Get Your Photos Published in a Magazine | eBook


You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? You live by this mantra. You're an artist - the camera is your brush and life is your canvas. You're a poet writing sonnets with your eyes, capturing the emotions trapped in the light and the dark. You see the world just a little bit differently than the rest of us. Your art should be celebrated for its beauty. 

Snap, shutter, click. Your fans are waiting.

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I thought that the eBook regarding how to get your photos published in a magazine was helpful and insightful. I especially appreciated that it was simple and straightforward without too much "fluff". The steps were easy to follow and realistic and made me feel as though if I follow them, I really could have my photos published. It taught an important reminder that magazine staff are very busy, and that as much as it may seem to be the right step, contacting the editor directly is not the best course of action. I believe the most valuable piece of information I took away from it was the portion on making sure your style "flows" with the style of the magazine. It doesn't matter if you take fantastic photos of food - if the magazine is about women and children, that's not what they're looking for. The format of the eBook flowed well, was aesthetically pleasing and I wouldn't change or add anything to it! - Olivia DeMoray

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Other reviews:

This e-book is great! Really well laid out and organized with easy to follow steps. It offers great detailed instruction on getting your work seen, customizing your entries to increase the chance of publication and cultivating productive relationships. I cant wait to try these tips! - Stephanie Lopez


As a photographer looking to get her work published I found the e-book to be very insightful and informative. I fully agree that you need to understand and appreciate the content of the magazines you wish to be published in, especially to be able to go to them with the confidence that your images suit their brand. I am going to start reaching out with publications who interest me through comments and messages when I appreciate the content and find it interesting as I think this initial communication is a good way to get noticed. I am currently in the process of updating my portfolio and now I am going to create a specific section that I think would suit publications so that I can send them here if they want to see examples of my work. I am excited to put the tips in the ebook into practice and I am sure that it will help me to get my own work published this year.

Visually I really like the ebook, the colour, fonts and images work well together and it is easy to navigate and read the specific sections. - Lydia Harper