(Courage) Issue 15, Print Edition

(Courage) Issue 15, Print Edition

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2018 Collection, Volume I : The Courage Issue

When you think of courage, you'll likely think of it on a grander scale, those big moments that are larger than life - climbing Mt. Everest or risking your life to save others. And you'd be absolutely right. But courage can also be found in the everyday moments of life - overcoming your fears or standing up for yourself or jumping headfirst into the unknown. 

Think of courage as strength. Strength in the face of all that life can (and does) throw at you. And there you are at the finish line - emerging as a new person, rebuilt with the knowledge that you can and you will and you did. 

See the table of contents below for a glimpse inside the issue.

  • Redesigned!

  • 84 pages

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  • Silk paper

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On The Road to Courage
Overcoming a paralyzing fear of driving

My Narcissistic Mother
Standing up to a toxic mother isn’t easy

A Sincere Letter to My Attacker
A woman who refuses to be a victim any longer

Along for the Ride
A boy’s journey with cancer and the unsung heroes who were there every step of the way

I Turned Pain into Theater
A healing journey of turning pain into art

Everyday Courage
Lessons learned from those who display courage every day

I Take Medication Because I Want to Live
There is no shame in needing help to manage your mental health

Deep Dive
What scuba diving and courage have in common

Somewhere Between East and West
A bi-racial mom working to instill courage in her bi-racial children

Liquid Courage
A poem about finding the courage in ourselves

Adventures in Courage
6 lessons learned after moving 2,000 miles away from home

When the choices you make don’t turn out as you’d hoped

Reinvention After Divorce
How to reclaim your identity after your marriage ends

Venturing Outside My Comfort Zone
Reconciling who you are now and the ‘old’ you

The Truth About Friendship
It can be scary to confront a friend who takes advantage of you

Dear Teenage Me
Do you ever wish you could give advice to your younger self?

My Definition of Courage
How a senseless tragedy redefined courage

Season of Rejection
Our fears don’t dictate our future

Putting Myself First
What happens when you will no longer compromise your self-worth