(Impact) Issue 18: Print Edition

(Impact) Issue 18: Print Edition

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The Impact Issue
Measuring the action and influence of our lives

This 96 page, beautifully crafted issue has 27 stories from women on the impact of a moment in time, or a lifelong journey. Featuring stories on depression, motherhood, losing a child, the impact of women, cancer, and so much more, this issue is packed full of powerful stories that are sure to move you and make you realize that you are not alone in your journey.


When you throw a stone into a pond, you can immediately see the ripples cascading across the water. But what happens below the surface? To the stone? To the fish in the surrounding area? To the sandy bottom of the pond? 
Similarly, there are seen and unseen consequences to every decision we make. So, how do you measure the influence and actions of a life? We’re interested in examining those things that can leave a lasting impression (good or bad). 


Highlights from this issue:

The Impact of Women 
Now, more than ever, women are taking a stand in the world 

The Face Looking Back 
Coping with a terminal diagnosis and self-identity 

Losing Grace 
One of the hardest choices a mother has to make 

The Heart of Home 
How our lives impact the places we call home 

What My Parents’ Divorce Taught Me About Love 
5 observations on relationships and what not to do

A Life Not Lived 
The legacy of a daughter who never took a breath 

How to Be Happier Every Day
Much of our happiness comes down to our daily choices 

Releasing Regret & Moving Forward 
Relinquishing perfectionism after a failed mentorship 

A Conversation Can Save Lives 
Why more people should be talking about mental health 

Social Media Silence 
A culture that has taught us to see noise as validation 


  • 96 pages

  • Perfect Bound

  • Printed in the USA

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