My Kids Dressed Me For a Week

Social Experiment

When asked to allow your children to get to select the clothes everyone will see you in for a solid week, your first reaction may be fear, trepidation, or amusement. Mine was curiosity. My children are a little older, Brooklyn is 10 and Anthony is 14, so I thought this may be an interesting concept. I asked them what they thought and my daughter was on board right away. My son was a little more apprehensive and so he only created two outfits, leaving the other five for his sister to create. They also took most of the photos of the outfits.


Day 1:

Brooklyn decided that a skirt and top was a cute choice for church and hanging out on a Sunday. It was warm so I was happy to oblige her pick.

Day 2:

We spent our last Monday of the summer season at the lake and being the book nerds we are, Brooklyn selected my The Little Prince tank top and a pair of khaki shorts. She then selected my Guess sunglasses and we decided the magazine I was reading, Holl & Lane, needed to make a cameo in the photo shoot.

Day 3:

Anthony knows that some days I am in the office and other days I work in the field doing landscaping so he selected a pair of jeans and my “live by the sun, love by the moon” tee. Also featured is one of my favorite Etsy finds, a necklace inspired by the Disney movie, Up.

Day 4:

Anthony’s next pick was jeans and a striped top. The shoes he picked are some of my favorites because they are denim wedges and they scream summertime. The jewelry is hematite which is my go to metal.

Day 5:

Brooklyn decided that I needed to dress up for work and this is the only photo that I took myself. A gray and black striped midi skirt from Victoria’s secret, a black silk blouse from the J-Lo line at Kohls and my gray pumps that I wore in Editor-in-Chief’s, Sarah Hartley's, wedding.

Day 6:

For Friday, Brooklyn declared that she was picking something to match my eyes, so a sleeveless, olive-green tunic from ModCloth won with a pair of jeans. The wedges were green and brown and matched perfectly. (The wine was my added touch.)

Day 7:

Saturday was an all-day soccer tournament and I had just purchased some new items from LulaRou and when Brooklyn saw my pumpkin pie leggings, it was decided I had to wear them. She paired them with pumpkin pie earrings and a black tee. We figured it may be a little early for pumpkin pie, but black and orange are the school colors so we were showing our team spirit in the process.


Overall, it was a fun experience. My daughter enjoyed playing stylist and, despite his reluctance, my son appeared to enjoy helping me out with this, too.

Amy is a contributor for Holl & Lane magazine, a wife and mother of three. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, wine and pie.